About Coaching Services

COACHING Meeting Locations Types:

We offer two Meeting Location types of consultations:


- at your premises - both the coaching fee and travel costs will be for your account.

- at our premises - The coaching fee will be your only cost.  However, you must bring all your own devices and paperwork.  You will be able to use our WIFI connection.

Online via zoom -
 you only pay the consultation fee, no travelling costs.



COACHING pricing types:

We offer two pricing types for coaching:


One Seat 
- Hourly billed -  one on one -  based on your own list of coaching topics.

For online meetings, one person can log in and others are welcome to listen in on their device.

Group Seats contact us for a quote on group meetings..

Note: all fees are payable in advance before booking appointments can be made.



We do have free online group workshops/seminars from time to time. 

These are usually 40 minutes each.

You will need a good internet connection to attend.

If you wish to be invited to the next one, please contact us and let us know which email address we should use for the invitations.

Contact Us for any queries.

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