About Consultations

CONSULTATION Country Locations Types:

Where are you based?

South Africa
- you can book online at our local shop here.

Not in South Africa -
contact us for info on how to book and pay via PayPal.



CONSULTATION Meeting Locations Types:

We offer two Meeting Location types of consultations:

ffline - both consultation fee and travelling costs will be for your account.

Online -
you only pay the consultation fee, no travelling costs.



CONSULTATION pricing types:

We offer two pricing types for consultations:


One Seat
-1 hour consultation for those seeking advice; all fees are payable in advance before booking appointments can be made.

For online meetings, one person can log in and others are welcome to listen in on your device.

Group Seats - contact us for a quote on group meetings..



a. Business Discovery Meeting

This type of meeting is for those considering hiring our services and would like a proposal and a quote.

The purpose of this meeting is for you to explain in full what services you need help with; it is not for us to give advice at this point.

After this meeting, AccountsPro will work out a custom proposal/quote and request a further meeting (at no charge to you) to present the proposal to you.

b. Contractually agreed-upon meetings - available after we have entered into a service agreement with you, and listed on the agreement as part of the scope of services.

c. Pro-bono meetings - we offer this to our pro-bono clients.

d. Barter trade meetings - contractually agreed on meetings that we offer this to our barter trade clients,



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