Our services are subject to a shop service agreement or a custom service agreement signed by both parties.

The service agreement contains the scope of services agreed to between AccountsPro Solutions and the client. 

The agreement includes the scope of work, the estimated timelines, deadlines and more.


There are two options available to place orders for services with AccountsPro Solutions:

Option 1:  
Via our online shop - where we list standard packages and services offered, or

Option 2:   
Via custom proposal/quote - where the client accepts a custom proposal/quote for services not listed on our online shop.

With both of the above order placement options, AccountsPro Solutions will not begin the services until the following conditions have been met:

2.1.  The client has submitted proof of payment within 5 days of placing the order.

2.2.  The payment has cleared into our bank account

2.3.   All requirements have been met by the client, such as:

2.3.1. The client has signed the service agreement/quote if required for the service type.

2.3.2.  All information and /or documents required from the client have been supplied to AccountsPro Solutions, in the format requested and by the date agreed.


We accept payments via the following methods:

3.1.  Bank Transfer / EFT - into our South African business bank account.  Details will be submitted with the order invoice.

3.2  Paypal - upon request.

3.3.  Credit/debit card using PayPal interface.

PLEASE DO NOT MAKE CASH DEPOSITS. If a client pays via cash deposit, all bank charges will be for the client's account and we will not begin services until those charges have been paid for as well.

For our policy on refunds, cancellations, exchanges and delivery please see our List of Policies for the specific service you are interested in.

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