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Service Fees for Commercial Businesses

Service Fees for Professional Accounting Firms

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Service Fees for Commercial Businesses

It’s quite simple, I prefer to charge a flat-rate
for commercial business services.

I can work on hourly rates for large projects,
but where the scope of work that you require
is a known factor – flat-rates are feasible.

My flat rate policy applies whether your business
is a sole proprietor, start-up, currently trading or
ceased trading and no matter what the size.

Flat-rate billing is the simplest and easiest way for both of us to work,
then we both know what the bottom line is for our budgets.

The flat-rate amount that I charge your business
is specifically tailor-made to solve your current needs.

Let’s meet online first where you tell me
about your business situation, challenges, needs and aims.

Once I understand your business needs,
I will present a project proposal which will present
tailor-made solutions, and will include a no-obligation quote.

If you accept the proposal then
we begin our business journey together.
It’s that simple.

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Service Fees for Professional Firms

Depending on the task at hand, let’s discuss and hourly fee or a flat rate fee.
E.g. once off jobs will be hourly based,
and regular jobs with similar work volume can be flat rate based.

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What Other Services Do You Need Info About?