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A very simple explanationโ€ฆ

In a Nutshell..

Your business name is just a name – you also need to rent premises from which to run your business. You would also rent an office or a shop or segregate a part of your home to be your business space or business premises.

Then once you have signed your office or store lease, you have to design the interior and exterior look of your business premises. At that point, you would either hire a professional or do it yourself depending on your budget and skills.

So in a traditional offline business, you would need three things:

  1. A business name or brand
  2. Office or Shop Space
  3. Interior and Exterior Design of your business premises.

Similarly,, your domain name is just a name, and you still need a “server host” to act as your “address”. Once you have your server host, then you can “design” the look of your website with content to explain what you do and how your potential customers can contact you.

You can either design your own website or hire someone to do it for you, depending on your time, budget and skillset.

So to summarize, you need three things:

  1. A domain name
  2. A server host (online space for your website)
  3. A website designed to represent your business.

What is a Domain Name?

domain names

Having a domain name is essential for any business to show their online presence. Owning a domain name is the same impact as having a business trading name or brand name.

“Buying” a domain name means renting, not buying. You can rent your domain name annually, and pay in advance for one or more years.

E.g. our domain name is

The annual cost of a domain depends on what the “extension” comprises of. Domain extensions examples: or .com or .net, etc.

A domain name costs around R95 per year and a .com domain costs around R200 per year.

Server Host

A server host is your landlord for your website. You can choose to pay rent monthly, or annually or longer.

And similar to renting an offline office, the space you rent from your host costs more depending on how much space you use.

Once you have negotiated and paid for your server host rent, your domain name points to that space, and you can now design your space to represent your business. That “designed” part is your website.

CPanel and WordPress


CPanel and WordPress are usually included at no extra cost when you order Server Hosting.

CPanel is the name of the backend software that manages your server host space.

The CPanel is mostly accessed by your website designer and your IT support person.

WordPress is the name of the backend software that manages the smooth running of your designed website.

WordPress is used by your website designer, your IT person and yourself.

You can order coaching from us teaching you how to manage your WordPress software; in some of our website design packages coaching is included.

How to Order Your Domain and Server Host?

When you order a Website Design package from us, we will guide you through the process of ordering your domain and server hosting package.

How To Order

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