Answers to some of the most frequently asked questions below.

I work internationally! I’ve worked with businesses and their teams in Australia, Canada, Russia, UK and USA. Distance is not an issue for me, and time-zones can be worked out.

Documents can be sent to me via cloud storage, or emailed.

With today’s technology we can meet live online from the comfort of your own office !

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I am a specialist at setting up new businesses.

Whether you wish to start as a sole proprietor or registered company, I can relieve you of all the pressure and provide everything you need.

You most likely need a tailor-made package to both meet your budget and showcase your business presence.

Let’s sit and chat and begin building your new venture together! We can meet online (preferred) or in person.

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I work with many small businesses - I can tailor make an affordable service for you.

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I’m a specialist at sorting out messes.

Messes are welcome! Whether your records are a mess due to lack of attention or someone else messed them up for you, I can sort it out.

Creating order out of chaos was part of my initial training. I’ll obliterate that headache for you!

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You are right, this is really important.

Trained staff streamline your business, minimize errors and give your team the coherence they need to work together.

Each business usually has unique staff training needs with specific outcomes, which means that training modules often must be tailor-made for you.

I’ve trained staff in for businesses in day-to-day administration systems, accounting, bookkeeping, public relations, software operations and more. I’ve written training manuals and exams with marking notes.

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