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My personal recommendation letter for Caz Livingstone (AccountsPro Solutions)

I would highly recommend Caz for any role that involves managing people and creating operating systems within a business, as well as dealing with customers in a professional manner, to even doing accounts, developing pricing, importing and exporting, marketing or even delivering training and support to others. Caz demonstrates many skills that are just so valuable for business.

Caz has been my main contact in South Africa since June 2009, and without her expertise, skills and knowledge we would have not been able to establish further business and continue with our customer base for support locally.

Since 2009 Caz has assisted me with Brand awareness, dissolving specific representative issues with past contracts and supporting me with cancelling contracts and recovery of the stock.

Caz was able to be there for customers who had been unhappy and threatening legal action and was able to calm down the situation in a very professional manner and offer real solutions for our business and our clients at that time.

Further on from that Caz handled all our Client servicing for ordering of products, developed all our marketing material (she has a real creative flare in this area) and was able to develop new pricing, taking into consideration the importing and distribution of products.

Caz then created a website shop and handled all the local admin, support, invoicing, and follow up for all our clients locally.

In 2013 Caz assisted me with developing some great interactive Powerpoints workbooks for our Registered training organisation. This qualification, Graduate Diploma in Salon Management was used by government organisations in Australia.

We were very fortunate to have Caz on our team as we were able to deliver incredible resources for students and for trainers and assessors in record time. Her skill in creating documents using Powerpoint, developing Excel spreadsheets and creating brochures seems to just flow for Caz.

I believe that Caz has incredible business sense and her knowledge in all areas from computers to programming, accounts, and invoicing, developing systems and ensuring operations run smoothly, as well as the professional way she can communicate and deliver information would be a huge asset for any organisation contracting or employing Caz to develop, manage or make easier, operations, in their business.

Caz has always been a quick learner and when I had to teach her a new skill, she didn’t have already, she was able to grasp it quickly and work on her own performing any duties in no time. What she brought to the new skill, was even more skills and systems, which allowed us to become more streamlined.

Caz has always been a very valued member of our team, as a contractor to us, and I would hope she could take her skills and knowledge and assist other businesses the way she has assisted us over the last 10 years. I wish her all the best in her future ventures and know she will be a valued asset to any company.

T. Hammond, Director.

For years we struggled to keep our books in order & submit our tax returns on time.

As a small business, we knew it shouldn't be so hard to get organised, yet we struggled to find a pro-active bookkeeper to guide us in the right direction.

That is, until we found AccountsPro Solutions. Now, our accounts are up to date and well-managed.

We are simply blown away by how professional and organised everything is, and we're finally getting the financial andaccounting advice we've always needed.

To top it off, AccountsPro Solutions' rates are affordable for any small business.

On a personal note, we are so grateful to Caz, who always goes above and beyond in her work and whose attention to detail is astounding.

For the first time in four years, I feel at ease when thinking about our books and admin. I know we're doing things properly at last!

I cannot over-emphasize how highly I recommend AccountsPro Solutions.

In September 2000, Caz Livingstone graciously responded to the request from the Board of Directors of the People Helping People Foundation - PHPF Inc, that she join us as International Director and a working board member to help with our fundraising efforts.

Within three short months of her arrival, Caz's ingenious project management saw an unparalleled sales volume in excess of &43,000 US- a feat that was accomplished during a selling period of just five weeks!

Within the next six months, Caz's sales team achieved sales in excess of $25,000 US per month over several months. These efforts had not been surpassed by May 2004.

Since then, Caz has been unstinting in her contributions to the Foundation. She gives generously of her time, her expertise, her marketing and management skills. She continues to be a valued International Director of PHPF, Inc.

In addition to marketing, she also served on the Executive Committee of the Board, and acted in the capacity of Corporate Secretary, with the responsibility to oversee all private Corporate Documents and Records.

Caz is a valued advisor to the Foundation President, always willing to consult and lend her objective commentary on critical and sensitive issues.

Wheeler Stainless Steel Kreations (WISK) would like to submit this reference as a record of the amazing work done by Mrs Livingstone on our behalf.

Firstly, may it be said, that the outstanding work that was done has laid a platform for an amazing future for Wisk.

The Marketing:
Designing of our logos for documents, e.g. invoices / Facebook, was done and thus our audience was drawn in to amazing artwork that showed off not only what we did but the undoubtedly amazing skills that Mrs Livingstone has.

The Admin:
The setting up of our online accounting system with WaveApps, designing of our invoices and agent contracts, was amazing.

Mrs Livingstone’s thorough work always produces amazing results and one can only benefit by dealing with her. Her level of integrity is 2nd to none. Her work ethic remains steadfast and always of the highest degree.

We are very grateful for her time and effort in always assisting and continuous support of Wisk. We would highly recommend her for almost any task, she always finds a way to make our day!

This letter serves to confirm that Transmission Fluids and Machines (TFM) made use of Mrs Livingstone’s services.

The following was carried out for us, regarding our website:

• Registration of domain name
• Installation of all software
• Designing of all graphics
• Maintaining the website for one full year.

We found her work to be accurate and precise.

She researched the company properly in order to gain a full understanding of the task at hand. Furthermore, she is amazingly reliable, you don’t get that anymore these days.

She was amazingly loyal and would assist at the drop of a hat.

Mrs Livingstone has great integrity and I would recommend her as my level of satisfaction surpasses that of 10 being the best.

We requested and received service from Mrs Livingstone for our admin and marketing set-up, while The PC Place was located on the South Coast, KZN.

Mrs Livingstone’s well thought out process of business and the practices of the same, were invaluable to us as we were new business owners.

She assisted us with the design of our logo, the advertising on Facebook, the contracts for our representatives, and also our accounting software.

Her ability to work around systems is phenomenal. Her research abilities to ensure that we are doing the right thing only goes to show her level of integrity.

She is amazing when it comes to software and artwork. Her accounting skills are second to none.

It is with gratitude that we recommend her work ethic and style as one of a classic. This is because gone are the days when you get value for money. Thank you, Mrs Livingstone, for not only your continued support of our needs but also your ability to show us the right way.

This should stand as a recommendation of the highest standard.

This letter serves to confirm that uGoGo Business Projects (UBP) have outsourced our administration, book-keeping and accounting and various business management tasks to Caz since 1993,

Through the years we have also outsourced work to her for the following projects:

1. uGoGo Online Classified Ads
2. uGoGo Business Consultants
3. uGoGo Business Club
4. uGoGo Bargains Storehouse

We have given separate references for each project.

We believe we have saved a lot of time, money and labour hassles by outsourcing, and Caz has proved invaluable in her expertise, confidentiality, and professionalism. She has proved, loyal, reliable, is progressive and shows lateral thinking in her character.

Her skills are many and diverse and not restricted to her title of Management Accountant. Unfortunately, due to my age, I am planning to cease trading in a matter of months, at which time Caz’s contract will end.

This letter serves to confirm that we have outsourced our administration, book-keeping and accounting and various club management tasks to Caz since 2015, and she is still currently contracted in that role.

Her duties include the entire management and marketing of UBC; which include:

1. Setting up and managing our club website, which includes managing the online membership software, newsletter software, and online membership shop.
2. Managing social media groups and pages. (20,000 plus members),
3. All bookkeeping, accounting and correspondence thereto,
4. Recruiting, training and managing Area Managers and their supporting team,
5. Planning of business club events, both offline and online business network events and business workshops,
6. Creating event adverts, handling the online and offline marketing and bookings and correspondence thereto,
7. Organizing the events including venue location, guest speakers etc.,
8. Public speaking / EmCee at the offline events,
9. Teaching the online events live via Zoom.

We hold up to 3 offline business network events a year in KZN, South Africa.

Caz has been integral to the success of those events – they would not have happened without her.

We contracted Caz in February 2018 to assist us with setting up and managing uGoGo Bargains Storehouse (UBS), an online and physical store in Margate KZN, South Africa. Caz carried out the following duties:

1. Research stock sources, established suppliers, setup pricing structure etc.

2. Setup our online website store, populated it with data and stock and managed all the aspects of the online store.

3. Sourced a physical shop location, negotiated the lease agreement and other services including the telephone line, internet connection, security company etc.

4. Assisted with the registration of the store for the SA Second Hand Dealers License.

5. Assisted with the setting up of business bank accounts, card payment merchant systems, employee contracts, volunteers contracts etc.

6. Setup the store, train staff and managed almost every aspect of the daily and monthly operations of the store.

7. Setup cloud-based accounting software and apps on all devices including our smartphones, and taught us how to use those apps.

8. Managed the month to month accounting duties as well as supervising the daily admin procedures.

Caz was in charge of almost every aspect of managing the store except for the final decisions which had to be made by myself.

Caz is invaluable to us and has proven her capability and loyalty over the years in all the business projects we hired her to assist with.

Due to my age, I am closing the physical store at the end of October 2019, and will continue the online store for an indefinite period; Caz will be overseeing the wrapping up of the physical store and continue to
manage the online store.

This letter serves to confirm that we contracted Caz in 1993 to assist us with setting up and managing uGoGo Classified Ads, an online business offering free and paid advertising services.

Caz carried out the following duties:

1. Researched and Sourced open source classified ad software.

2. Installed, configured and populated the software onto our server.

3. Created all the page graphics and content for the software.

4. Managed and maintained all the ad placements, and correspondence thereto.

5. Did all the bookkeeping and accounting related to this project.

We highly recommend Caz as in all aspects of business management and administration, including accounting practices and software systems.

Caz Livingstone gained her initial accounting experience as a client accountant with the following professional public accounting firms:

Coopers & Lybrand,  Arthur Young, Kessel Feinstein and Cj Lowe & Associates - 8 years

Commercial field - 20+ years.