Christine Livingstone Photo 2024

Christine Livingstone

Senior Bookkeeper and Business Helper

Allan Livingstone



Hi! I'm Caz Livingstone, see my photo above.


I'm a businesswoman with over 30 years of hands-on experience;

I was trained by and worked in professional accounting firms for just on 8 years, and after that went into the commercial field.


I understand business. I have practical, hands-on experience. I know about the day-to-day demands on business people.
I have helped start businesses, run them and closed them down.
I offer practical help and solutions for all sorts of challenges.

Due to my wide and varied experience, I can offer you a broad spectrum of business services.

If you are reading this, it means you need help and you don't want to pay huge sums of money finding the right person.


So read a little about me, then what I can offer you below.



bookkeeping, accounting and all related aspects

business management,

staff management,

website design

graphic design and manipulation, including graphics for logos, flyers, animations and video

software installation, integration, configuration

computer I.T. and training

coaching, training and facilitating

business troubleshooting

business processes creation, implementation and training

public speaking including presentations, Master of Ceremonies and training



I am confident, friendly, down-to-earth and organised;

I can handle waffle but I don't give it!


I was born in Rhodesia and now live in South Africa.

I live and work in beautiful Margate KZN, South Africa, 2 mins walk from the beach. 


I hold a Pitman Advanced Accounting Qualification (First Class Pass), and various other qualifications.


Depending on your requirements, I partner with professionals where required, such as Chartered Accountants or Tax Practitioners.


I have been with my husband for over 30 years.

We are together in every aspect of the word.

He helps me to market my business. Marketing and Sales is his skillset.


My other interests and activities include helping out at church, training dogs, painting oils on canvas, playing the flute, outdoors and learning languages.  And I LOVE people!



Make it happen.

To have sustainable, proactive and useful service that supports my clients and minimises their stress.

I will achieve my vision by offering the best services that I can, within my capacity and skillset, to my clients.

Careful and persistent work or effort with patience and perseverance.


Committed to upholding strong moral and ethical values.


Continuous learning and constant improvement.



To self-control and discipline and to quality and excellence of service.


Treat everyone fairly and with respect.